The Best Climb in Pune

buy Latuda from india Along the Khadakwasla backwaters route, is the climb to the Jarsheshwar temple, what I personally consider to be the best cycling climb in Pune.

Average Grade5.9%
Max Grade10.9%
Min Elevation682m
Max Elevation992m
Elevation Change310m
KOM28:16 / 11.2km/h

Boscoreale Why do I believe this climb the best? Well, first, with a 6% gradient, and 5+ km length, it’s a decent challenge – it’s harder than Katraj, Dive or the Mutha ghats, but not as hard as Sinhagad or Lavasa. Next, this is a private road, so it’s in great condition, and there’s hardly any vehicular traffic at all. Finally, the views … as you ride up or down, most sections offer gorgeous views of the Khadakwasla lake, or the hills below, what more could you ask for!

A view of the lake on the Jarsheshwar road
A view of the lake as you descend Jarsheshwar

Look at the video above for instructions on how to find this climb. I will share some quick tips though – with the lake on the left, the turn is 400m ahead of the Kalbhairavnath mandir in the Mandvi village, or 700m before the entrance to Splendour country – where you may have to go to get the permission to ride up. Do be courteous to the guards.

Enjoy a few photos of the descent:

For a recording of the entire descent, check this video:

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