Indian Cyclists Discord Server “Are there any cycling groups near me?”, “Where can I go cycling?”, “What cycle should I buy?” … do those questions sound familiar? Maybe you don’t even ride yet, but you’re thinking of getting into this “cycling thing” for fitness or commuting? Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist, or someone who’s just getting started, if you’re a cyclist in India, the Indian Cyclists Discord server is a safe place for you to meet like minded individuals. No, it doesn’t matter what sort of bike you ride, and if you don’t have one, we’ll help you find one.

  1. Click the Join button
  2. Install the Discord app (recommended) or join from your browser. There are dedicated apps for desktop and phone.
  3. Read the rules in the #welcome channel
  4. Click the ? reaction below the rules in #welcome to accept the rules and get access to all the channels on the server.

That’s it, welcome to the community!

Details Please – What’s Discord?

Discord is a free and secure text and voice chat, initially created for gamers, but it’s being widely used for communities in almost all areas, from software development to sports. In India, discord communities are growing fast.

The Indian Cyclists discord server has several channels, from general chat, to city-specific channels and channels for pics, purchasing or mechanical help, bike types, etc. Once you accept the rules, and gain access to all channels, simply start chatting in an appropriate channel.

This is a new and growing community, so if you don’t see a channel for your city, and would like one, please message a moderator or ask in the #help channel.

On Discord – Now What?

The primary purpose of this group is to help you have a great time cycling in your city. The city specific channels will help you find other cyclists around you, local events and great routes/destinations. If you’re looking for company, or already have a group and wouldn’t mind more tagging along, just let everyone know in the corresponding city chapter. People who decide to ride together can stay in touch on discord itself, or move to WhatsApp for further discussion. buy Ivermectin 12 mg At this time, please keep group sizes small and follow social distancing norms/mask use when interacting.

Beyond getting in touch with other cyclists, you can also get help finding your next bike, getting mechanical help, or just discuss the latest bikes on the market. Share photos of your [p]ride and joy! General city discussions and updates are welcome as well.

What about … WhatsApp?


The primary issue with WhatsApp is that there dozens (if not hundreds) of WhatsApp cycling groups in each city. There’s no directory of these, so it’s difficult to find them. Once you find them, you have to get yourself invited, and finally, groups are limited to 250 members. If you want company for a specific ride, what do you do? Send the same message to multiple groups and then co-ordinate across them? This is where the city specific channels step help – there’s just one channel for the entire city, with no member limits.


There’s no denying that ultimately, WhatsApp is super convenient, and it’s ubiquitous. If you find a group to ride with, you don’t have to stick to discord – feel free to continue the conversation on WhatsApp, along with the last mile, “I’ve reached Chandani Chowk, where are you?” type of discussions. Come back to Discord to share your ride details and pictures so that others can benefit, and to get company for your next ride. I would like to mention that you can create private group conversations on Discord too (limited to 10 people) – so you could do this on Discord too, but, it’s important to use what everyone is comfortable with when out on the road.

In Closing

While you may not find too many cyclists here now, the server is new and is growing. We clearly see this server being an important step in the right direction for the promotion of cycling in India. If you have any suggestions, we’re more than happy to hear them – please ping a moderator on Discord. That’s it – bring your friends, and happy cycling!