dash I started cycling again, as an adult, in March ‘17. Cycling started with short 6K rides, to about 10-15K dailies, with average Saturday rides that are anywhere between 40 to 80K long. I’ve even done a single 200K BRM to earn the “Randonneur” tag.

Atop Pabe Ghat

how to buy Clomiphene in canada In Pune, what I found lacking, is the absence of any sort of information on routes. Yes, there are a handful of famous routes that are well known, and obvious, but if you want to do something different, or even if you need more information about a well-done route, it’s hard to find. For example, I would go to Vetal Tekdi for some easy trails, alone – but just once I happened to meet a group of experienced riders, who expanded my route knowledge from 5K to 25K. And I’m quite sure there’s still at least another 10K unexplored in there.

My aim, is to make routes and route related information easily accessible. Is there climbing involved – what are the grades? Are there interesting Strava segments en route, roads OK for road bikes? What if you cut across that mountain – maybe there are leopards!? (not kidding)

Of course, I’m based in Pune, and this is about cycling across India, so I’m going to be needing some help with videos from other locations – if you feel you have a route related video to share, do reach out. I will also be doing a few reviews of cycling related articles I buy. Several route videos in the works, but editing isn’t easy – good stuff is coming! In the meanwhile, get on that saddle, ‘cause … it’s cycling time!