Live Stream

Welcome to our cycling live stream – great rides, curated from riders across India, streamed 24×7 for your viewing pleasure. Expect to see endless tarmac, beaches, glorious gravel, challenging climbs, intense downhill runs … all, enhanced by the beautiful vistas that India has to offer.

How to View

We’re staring off with about 3 hours of content – and no, you don’t have to watch it all at once! Every time you feel a cycling itch, come in to the stream, watch a few minutes, or watch a couple of hours, and come back as many times as you like, as it will loop 24×7. There is a countdown at the top right of each clip, so you know exactly how long until the next clip. The stream will be continually refreshed with new material, the plan is to ultimately have dozens of hours of content, so there’s always something new to watch.

The sections below have been grouped by rider, not the order in which they appear on the stream. If you’re interested in a ride, simply look for the code on the top left corner of the video to find the details you’re looking for. If you have suggestions, love (or don’t) a particular clip, or if you’re interested in contributing some footage to this project, please get in touch, or leave a comment below.

Shrey Sunil

buy Latuda 40mg capsules Vasai/SHZ:Tungareshwar National Park
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Jody Summer ~ INTL.CMD
Euro Tech Noir ~ INTL.CMD
We Are One ~ Vexento
Into The Unknown ~ Vexento

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Drift ~ Andy Jaymes
Sky High ~ Sergius

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Tribal War Council ~ Doug Maxwell
Tribal Affair ~ SYBS
Digya ~ Kevin MacLeod

View on Strava
Arpy ~ Dan Henig
Shitsubo Shita ~ Josh Lis

Shobhan Bhatt / Ram Balmur

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Anirban Sutradhar

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Jalandhar ~ Kevin MacLeod
Quarter Past Noon Riddim ~ Konrad OldMoney
Quarbat ~ Rayllex
Sunset Riddim ~ Konrad OldMoney
Khwaab ~ Rayllex
Lowest of Fi Riddim ~ Konrad OldMoney

Darjeeling/ANB:Gidda Pahar
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Masked Reaver ~ Vexento

Darjeeling/ANB:Sherpa Challenge
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Rev ~ Eveningland

Ashish Jhanwar / DesiCycle

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Radiance ~ Krosia
Last Horizon ~ Krosia

Brian Fernandes / The Indian Cyclist

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Karishma ~ Beat by Shahed
Tribal Affair ~ SYBS
Beat 61 ~ Beat by Shahed
Beat 56 ~ Beat by Shahed
Acclarate the Dark Continent ~ Kevin MacLeod
Wheel of Karma ~ Audionautix
Late Night Race ~ Clarv

Goa/TIC:3 Kings
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Control ~ Rick Steel
Rize Up ~ Diamond Ortiz
Mia ~ Jeremy Blake
Exhale ~ Jeremy Blake
Trippy Love ~ Vexento
Skanada ~ Text me Records

Vijay Daryani

The Emperor’s Army ~ Jeremy Blake

Song of Mirrors ~ Unicorn Heads

Music Credit

The stream uses music from a wide variety of artists who have provided their tracks for free, here they are:

YouTube Audio LibraryIndependent
Dan HenigVexento
Rick SteelRayllex
Diamond OrtizBeat by Shahed
Jeremy BlakeClarv
Text Me RecordsKrosia
Konrad OldMoneyINTL.CMD
SYBSAndy Jaymes
EveninglandJosh Lis
Doug Maxwell
Kevin MacLeod
Unicorn Heads