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I'm from France, and spent most of my life in the French Alps doing a lot of outdoor sports. I did a lot of cross country skiing, then later I became French national champion at Orienteering. For 10 years, I did a lot of multi-sport adventure races, and ultra trail running, participating in almost all the famous ultra trails. I created a team, and the first online French magazine for trail running. Since a couple of years, I stopped competing and I'm now looking for new challenges, long distance rides/runs and adventure projects. For me, the best way to discover a place is to practice it on my bicycle or by foot, this is what I'm trying to do in Pune since 9 months. I'm in favor of self-supported events.

How to Add Missing Trails to Maps

When you're looking for a new ride, especially one that's off-road, you probably go to your favorite mapping tools in order to prepare your route. For example, if you try to find an over-the-hills...

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