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Cyling in GOA, on the Beach

Misoprostol from mexico As if cycling in Goa wasn’t awesome enough, you can cycle on the beach too – right on the sand, and right by the sea, with the waves lapping up against your tyres. Getting to a beach, in Goa,  is pretty easy – just go west, until you hit some sand! The great part about Goa is that this, “go west”, part is typically a lovely experience too, especially when you ride through villages and fields, as you make your way to the coast

If you’re in South Goa, one of the best places to start your beach ride is Betul beach, as it will give you the option of riding along a significant section of the coast. Betul is quite a unique location, as you can see the confluence of the river Sal with the Arabian sea. Please watch the video for some tips on how to actually get to Betul beach.

In the video above, I rode 15 km to Benaulim beach, but could just have easily have ridden 30 km to Velsao beach or beyond. When you need to get back home, look for an exit point, and hit the regular, albeit boring roads.

The Endless Coastline

Now as far as riding on the sand is concerned, here are some tips:

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