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Northwave Easy Arm Warmers

Cycling in the winter – super fun, but also, cold! This is going to be a quick review of the Northwave Easy arm warmers.  Arm, leg & knee warmers are cool, because you don’t have to buy a new wardrobe when cycling in the winter.  Instead of buying full sleeved jerseys and full length bibtights, you can just use these warmers and continue to use your regular gear in the winter. The bonus, of course, is that you can easily remove them during your ride if it gets too hot – arm warmers weigh practically nothing, and can easily fit into your Jersey pockets.

  • 86% polyamide, 14% elastane
  • The upper end has a silicon strip that will help grip your upper arm
  • Snug fit, look great
  • Very comfortable, the seam didn’t bother me
  • High quality, premium finish – no wayward stitching, or bits of thread sticking out anywhere

How well do they work? Well, these are the Easy warmers, so you can think of them as an extension of a jersey you might wear in the summer – converting it effectively into a long sleeved jersey, nothing more, nothing less. They provide good wind resistance, and I used them when it was about 10 to 12  degrees out … now for me, that was just the right amount of protection, and I’m really happy with them. However, don’t expect these to make you feel like you’re wearing a sweater and give you actually “warm” arms – so if you ride at lower temperatures, or if you’d like to be really toasty, you may want to get the Northwave Extreme warmers instead

Now the flip side of them not being too warm, is that you can keep them on well into the day. It’s been some time since I made the video, and I’ve ridden with them in nearly 40 degree weather too, and they seem to provide good UV protection (even though they don’t advertise it) and wicked well enough to still feel comfortable after several hours of riding.

These arm sleeves have my vote, click here to buy the Northwave Easy warmers from Cyclop.


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